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Latest Bollywood Movies Gayab starring Tusshar Kapoor and Antara Mali in the lead.

Vishnu Prasad (Tusshar Kapoor) is an unappreciated nerd whose mother nags him and father ignores him. Vishnu is in love with his neighbor Mohini (Antara Mali) but she already has a boyfriend, Sameer (Raman Trikha). While he is sad and depressed with his life, he makes a weird wish to god asking him to help him disappear from the world as no one likes him. When he reaches home, he discovers that God took his wish literally and turned him invisible. Excited and happy Vishnu gets many opportunities to spy on Mohini and get her boyfriend in trouble. What next? Will Vishnu continue to misuse this situation? Will he get success in winning Mohini’s love for him? Will Mohini know Vishnu’s truth? The chaos forms the later part of the story.
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