Lingaa 2 (2017) Tamil Film Dubbed

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Duration : 02:07:22

The movie story deals with Balakrishnan the owner of a barber shop in a remote village. His family consists of his wife Sridevi and three children. Balakrishnan struggles to persuade customers to visit his barber shop while his competitor Shanmugham, former worker of Balakrishnan who has his own barber shop across from Balakrishnan’s, uses cunning means to make business in haircutting. Balakrishnan’s downfall in business causes him to neglect paying his children’s school fees. Although he struggles to make a living, he still enjoys spending time with his family. News spreads through the village by Nagaraj that superstar Ashok Kumar, a popular film actor, will be arriving for a shooting schedule. While the rest of the village celebrates in shock and excitement, the news does not impress Balakrishnan, who was best friends with the actor during their childhood days. The two have not met one another for nearly 25 years. Balakrishnan is often bothered by Sridevi, and his children to introduce them to Ashok Kumar. Kuppuswamy, a financier who is keen on making a film and who was once disgusted by Balakrishnan’s barber shop, tries to woo him into introducing him to Ashok Kumar so that he can make a film with him. Meanwhile, Sridevi spends her time bragging to her neighbours about her husband being friends with the super star.

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